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[Legal] - A Message from our Attorney

Important Message

As mentioned in the Email message, we have a important message to convey as per our attorney's request. 

Unfortunately, we are closing down parts of operations of our business temporarily for approximately a week to really revamp and get the year heading in the right direction.

As a result, the last chance to place an order is Saturday Midnight Sharp! 

After Saturday, all orders placed will be on hold and reserved at the price they are placed and will be processed once our machines are running again. 

During the Holiday Season we had two major issues which were:

1) Slow Processing times

2) Delayed Shipping,

which were the result of:

1) Only having 2 jersey sublimation machines

2) Lack of Preparation for High Volume

We had over 4500 + Orders Placed Just between Mid-November to December! 

We are currently working on setting up 3 more jersey sublimation machines to really reduce processing times to less than 3 days!

A Total of 5 Machines! 

As we invest more in the business and try to bring better service to the Cycling Community, operation cost does tend to go up.. 

As a result we cannot guarantee that our current prices will remain as low as they are now... 

So the Good News is:

You have one last time to place your order at the current low prices they are at now until Saturday Midnight! 




Happy Cycling,

Team Bicycle Booth