How to keep your cycling motivation

There are days when we feel completely unmotivated, don't worry, you’re not alone!

If you think Remaining motivated on the bike is simple, think again!

But with the tips we’re about to mention, you’ll be more than ever motivated to hit the road!

Ride with friends & family or a join cycling club

Rule n1: If you’re lacking motivation, don’t hit the road alone! Get yourself cycling buddies!

Cycling is more enjoyable when you ride with like-minded cyclists, you can try joining cycling clubs!

If you find a cycling partner, you won’t be able to back up, cancel.
You’ll definitely be there and try to challenge yourself!

Cycling club - BycicleBooth

Due to coronavirus and with the current restrictions, it made it harder for cyclists to join cycling clubs and enjoy social gatherings! The good news is that there are popular cycling apps like Zwift that will make your cycling experience enjoyable.

Remind yourself of the benefits

The Golden number 2 rule is“ Remember Why you started in the first place and the reason is simple! You have a passion for cycling!”

Cycling is your passion Indeed, but, don’t forget about the benefits of cycling for your mental as well as physical health as well!

Through cycling you can improve your health, you can stay fit and you can stop aging, believe it or not?

Read on more about the benefits of cycling in our blog “Why is Cycling good for weight loss, fitness, aging, and your cycling clothing guide

Set a goal to achieve!

We all have a cycling goal that we want to achieve!

Whether you want to go for longer rides, improve your cycling speed, hit a new score on strava

Reminding yourself of your main goal is what won’t keep you distracted and will boost your motivation and keep you going.

Explore new places

If you feel like cycling has become a routine , have you got used to familiar roads or commuting to work everyday? If you became bored of cycling on the same roads over and over, why not try to hit the road to discover and explore new destinations?

Motivate yourself by discovering the thrill of cycling in the mountains or at the beach.

Cycling in the mountains

Disconnect from the world!

Cycling is a way to disconnect and unplug from the world, right?

That should be your energy booster to get up and go for a ride and forget about the daily pressure and stress.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself with a reward and celebrate each and every achievement!

Like for instance, when you beat a record or succeed to Increase your mileage and ride 5 or 10 hours weekly or if you win in a competition.

What you can do is have a snack (a healthy one indeed) or buy new cycling clothing.

Get a new Cycling Kit

What better motivation than to buy a new bike or even a new cycling Kit! You will feel refreshed and all ready to conquer the road!

It’s time to get a room for your nice cycling clothing! Still indecisive on what to wear to refresh your energy? We’ve got you covered!

Cycling kit

At BicycleBooth, we’ve got a range collection of stylish cycling gears.
You’re here to boost your motivation after all? Head over to our website to check our innovative collections.

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