Why is cycling good for weight loss, fitness, aging and your cycling clothing guide

Every rider’s first goal is to get fitter, right?
Needless to say that cycling is good for your muscles and heart. But did you know that it also has long-term benefits that can stop aging and prevent so many diseases?

If you’re a professional, beginner, or a passionate cyclist, keep on reading, we’ll guide you through our cycling best-sellers.

Cycling jersey

Burn unwanted calories

You might be mesmerized by the power of a consistent ride to burn all the unwanted calories.

Diet only doesn’t help you get fitter, you need to complement good habits and thus by cycling.

After all, what better way to lose weight than going for a ride?

Now we know that progress comes surely but steadily. That’s why to burn calories efficiently, perseverance and determination are your only options.

Don’t think twice, hit the road and see the results for yourself!

Push yourself off the limits, progress comes with consistency. Regular everyday cycling is the key. Yet, it is advisable to take a break every now and then.
Sports experts and physiologists stress the tremendous impact of a post-ride. They say that you not only can burn calories during your ride but afterwards too.

So if you ever feel demotivated, don't you ever give up! You’re not alone in this and you’ll soon notice the weight loss.

Building muscles

We, cyclists, know that having shaped legs is awesome. We always get asked the question whether cycling increases legs the size of your legs, many people fear bulky thighs, don’t worry. The answer is no.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise

Cycling is an aerobic exercise, all it does is make you build stronger muscles for more endurance while practicing your favourite activity. Say goodbye to fatigue while training, the more you cycle, the stronger and more resilient you become.

Dr Safran-Norton says” Resistance activities, such as pushing pedals, pull on the muscles, and then the muscles pull on the bone, which increases bone density”

When you cycle, you use primarily the quadriceps, calves and glutes during the seated pedal on the down stroke.
To increase muscle mass and stay fit, you not only need to ride but to keep on riding, maintain your good habits!

Cycling can stop aging, great news! Right?

Are you surprised? Well you should be.
With cycling you can finally avoid all kinds of chronic diseases and therefore live longer!

According to a research, Dr Lynn Cherkas says“Those who exercise regularly are at significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity,

Not only can cycling be beneficial to your physical health but also your mental, you will be astonished to know that it helps prevent Dementia and memory loss. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Let’s tell you the story of Peter. According to alzheimer.org, Peter says” When I cycle, I push dementia away. I become who I was, not who I am

Now, we bet you‘re here to check our spring collection, right? We’ve got you covered!

Check out our best-sellers

Floral Garden Jersey

Let us start with one of the jerseys that all of our cycling community praises, for the high-quality as well as its quick-dry technology features designed specifically for hot weathers.
Not to mention, the aesthetic part, just take a look at it!
Our floral garden jersey is designed by creative cyclists for you to “ ride with style”.
It gives you the look of a professional rider and it boosts your mood and betterns your road riding experience.

Custom cycling jersey

Pink Floyd Jerseys 

If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you will certainly love this collection and even if you’re not, you’ll become one. Why won’t you anyway, it’s one of our best-sellers!

Our Pink Floyd collection is suitable for all seasons. Our sleeveless jerseys have a Quick dry technology that makes it perfect for spring and summer rides. As well as Pink Floyd Thermal Jerseys, this collection features a fleece lining, to keep you warm outdoors during the winter season

Pink Floyd Jerseys

All our Jerseys share these features we’re going to mention below:

  • We know that all our cyclists want is for their jerseys to fit well, which is the case because of the Lycra and our Silicon gripper that make every cyclist’s ride comfortable despite the leg and arms movements.
  • We pride ourselves in our vision Ride with style because we really do! With our most sublimated creative designs. What’s even more enjoyable is that you can also get to customize your own jersey. Just reach out to our team and we’ll be on it!
  • Our customers appreciate our high-quality products since our jerseys have a Cool-Max Quick-Dry Polyester to keep our cyclists cool during the hot weather
  • One of our remarkable features is the long-lasting ink that never fades.

To check out our collection all you have to do is head over to this link, all our best-sellers are in there; Flamingo collection, Unicorn, Bike Forever… and the list goes on.
Don’t forget to check our latest blog to check our spring gears and why you should cycle in spring.

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