How cycling can help improve your mental health

Did you feel the thrill, exhilaration, excitement after a long ride? Have you ever felt that cycling has taken away all the stress, anxiety, and pressure after a long day?

The answer to that is yes! if you haven’t tried it, well you should it works like magic!

This month (May) is mental Health day and we know, as a fact, that not only does cycling reflect on your physical health but your mental health as well!
So is cycling our road to our peace of mind?

You might say that all activities are good for mental health? But, there is a reason why you’re hooked on cycling and you’re about to figure it out
We’ve rounded up a few reasons why cycling is your key to a more serene and happier life!

1. Cycling beats depression!

Is Cycling really good for depression?”,”Can cycling relieve stress?” you might wonder!

Cycling helps you fight the ”Black Dog”, the dark and negative thoughts!

As social proof, a study showed that 75% of cyclists noticed an improvement in their mental health when they hop on their bikes and go for a ride.

Some even compare cycling to mediation, that’s how powerful it is!
Cycling not only increases depression but helps prevent it as well!

We all talk about the physical perks of cycling, but little did you know that a “‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ stands true!

Cycling beats depression

2.Cycling helps you improve your memory

Here’s the bad news! as we get older we risk losing important brain functions and the risk for diseases such as Alzheimer becomes higher.

The Good news is! Aerobic exercises such as Cycling help you build new brain cells that are responsible for memory!

PS: You’ll have the brain of Einstein and the memory of an elephant! We don’t say that lightly, want to know how?

Remember we’ve talked about this in our blog Why is cycling good for weight loss, Fitness, aging and your cycling clothing guide

Cycling helps you improve your memory

3.Cycling helps you feel good!

Here’s a fun fact! Cycling makes you release the feel-good hormones such as dopamine and endorphins! So, therefore, Hitting the road for a ride can decrease your body’s stress hormone, cortisol!

Believe it or not, these chemical messengers can give you a feeling of Euphoria that is stronger than morphine.

Want to feel happier? Hop on your bike, go out for a spin down the road and maintain a cycling routine to boost your cheerfulness and mood!

It’s cheaper than therapy and gym membership combined, and more efficient as well!

Cycling helps you feel good

4.Cycling gives you a sense of satisfaction

You’ve certainly experienced it before, that satisfaction after a ride to work, or road cycling in a new place, a ride after a competition, or simply with a bunch of friends.

As a fact, we know that at least 48% of cyclists claim that cycling boosts their self-esteem!

Being active and productive can make you feel good about yourself especially when you’re being focused on attaining your goals.

Cycling makes you enjoy the sense of accomplishment and achievement not only after a long ride, but it has a long lasting impact as it affects how we perceive ourselves.

Cycling helps you feel good!

5. Cycling helps you socialize

Even if you find peace in cycling alone, you can also start a new friendship as you become part of cycling clubs or ride with like-minded cyclists who share the same passion

“ I started biking more often alone and I met like-minded cyclists(after being stuck in my own bubble).

Little by little, cycling helped me get out of the dark hole!” Says, one of our community members, Melania

Cycling makes people come together, unites people with the same vision and therefore eases the daily stress.

6.Cycling improves creativity

Can cycling really fuel creativity?

Yes, you heard it right! Good news to all of our cycling community, you are creative!

A study found that just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise boosts at least one measure of creative thinking

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Do you ride to release stress, beat anxiety or the physical perks of cycling? Share with us in the comments!

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