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Tracking Error: USA

If you are experiencing an error tracking your shipment please use the following steps and links below to track your order based on your country. 

Countries this applies to: 

United States of America

Please use the following links to track your order if you are experiencing errors: or

(If one does not work, please use the other)

Enter Your Tracking Number sent in your order confirmation and click Track 

Possible Errors:

Your order might say no tracking information yet or cannot be found. 

Since it is an international shipment, please give it 5-6 business days to appear. Your item is in transit, it just takes time to update. 

You order might be at the Airport or Gateway. If so, it may be stuck there for 3-7 business days. We are seeing this occur in NY and LA Airports specifically due to limited means of transportation and increase in volume. 

If you waited and still no details, please reach us using the contact form below: