Dear fellow Cyclists,

If you have emailed us and have received no response as of yet, it is mainly due to the large confusion that is taking place with our current private shipping line and mainstream carriers/postal services during this pandemic which we will explain below in detail.

Before we explain, please be assured we are receiving your emails and will get around to you as soon as possible.

The more emails you send the longer it will take as it pushes your email back to the latest date. 

Please do not panic.

We aren’t perfect, but we can guarantee you that your shipment will reach you, as typically 98% of all shipments ship successfully without getting lost.

Frequently asked questions:

I got a tracking notification, but the tracking number doesn’t work?

If you received a shipping notification, please give it 3-5 business days to update. This does not mean your order is not in transit. It is in transit, just takes times for it to load up into the system due to the massive amount of shipments being processed daily.

Why can’t I track my order on USPS or Canada Post?

Although your order will arrive using USPS or Canada post service, they are not able to provide the exact details of where your order is due to the huge spike in online orders.

Fortunately, we thought ahead and used a private shipping line to keep track of our shipments.

As a result, it will still arrive using their service, but for more detailed tracking info, please use our private shipping line system for better progress and details:

If you are located in Canada, it may not be able to find your tracking number, so please click “select carrier” and search for UBI for our Canadian private shipping line.

If you are still experiencing issues with your tracking and already emailed us, please be assured a customer service rep will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Shipping Selection page said 15-20 business days. What’s going on?

Due to the nature of our business, we offer multiple customizations to all our apparel before ordering. As a result, nothing is kept in stock and all shipments are produced upon order as they are all unique in nature.

Yes, shipping times are 15-20 business days (not regular days) which translates to 3-4 weeks (including production time).

Our order processing time frame is as follows:

  • Day 1 to 2 - Order Accepted (1 day hold in case of changes or cancellation) 
  • Day 2 to 4 - Order begins to be printed and sublimated. 
  • Day 4 to 5 All custom requests (if any) being applied + Tailoring. 
  • Day 5 to 6 - Order dispatched for shipment 
  • Day 6 to 15 Order on its way for delivery 

My order says it is stuck in airport/gateway for the last 10 days!? What’s going on?  

This part is a little out of our control and caught us by surprise but totally expected.

During this pandemic, we noticed a common trend for all international shipments (especially LA & NY Airport) where orders are being held at customs and airports longer than normal. We believe it is mainly because of the limited international flights and huge spike in orders, while they try their best to clear everything as soon as possible.

Regardless, although items get stuck, they eventually get released and delivered successfully. We thank you in advance for your patience!

If my shipment never reaches, is there a plan B?

Yes! We also thought ahead and have protocols in place during this pandemic.

If you order goes beyond 60 days, and you should NEVER wait 60 days to receive any order, we will honour either a full refund or resend of your item. At that point, its worthy of declaring it lost.

I am trying to call but no one is answering?

Due to the pandemic with all staff working from home, we have temporarily suspended phone calls to voice mail only where we will get back to your voicemail through email.

If you left a voicemail, please expect a response via email.

We hope these answers your questions and clears any confusion while we get around to your email.

Once again, this is not a formal response to your email if you have emailed us, rather an update to clear any confusion and concerns while we get to your ticket.

Thank you and stay safe!


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