Why do you need cycling-specific clothes?

You think that you can just wear regular sports clothes for cycling? WRONG!
If you think so, think again.

Do you want to know why you need cycling-specific clothing? Keep on reading, you’ll find out why.

Cycling clothes exist for a reason! You can’t just wear any clothes.
Wearing the right cycling apparel will make you get the most out of your cycling journey.

Why do we believe that it is necessary? We’ll get to that.

1.Say goodbye to your cotton T-shirt

With the weather getting warmer and even when it’s cold, sweating is inevitable.
That’s why going for a cotton jersey is not a good idea

There are several reasons why you should say NO to a basic cotton jersey.
Here are the reasons why you need a cycling jersey:

  • Moisture wicking, Anti-Sweat, Quick-dry technology
  • Cycling jerseys have three rear pockets in which you can keep your belongings safe
  • Lycra Spandex: No dragging, no slipping and no bunching
  • Front zipper for ventilation when your temperature rises
  • Silicon gripper on the waist to prevent movement
  • Reflective trim or highlights for night riding
Basic cycling jersey

As mentioned above, cycling jerseys have a Quick- ry technology.
Unlike cotton t-shirts that take a long time to dry out.

2.We all want comfort!

Whether you’re a roadie, MTBer, or commuter, or a professional racer, mountain biker, we all want to ride comfortably. 

You don’t need to be Bradley Wiggins to buy comfortable cycling clothing.
Cycling apparel has high performance specific material like Lycra, Spandex, Nylon and Polyester.

And here are the perks:

  • It fits really well(and Looks good)
  • Lycra stays in place despite the movements
  • It’s highly technical( what better reason do we need?)

3.Your BIBS are not optional

We can’t talk about comfort without mentioning our cycling bibs.
It’s high time you ditch the basic traditional shorts. They will end up slipping down. It won’t be the case for your bibs.

Your cycling bibs to the rescue!

What makes cycling shorts or bibs different from other regular shorts is the chamois.

The essence for a comfortable ride is a high-quality cycling short with a built-in chamois pad.

You might wonder what’s a cycling bib? Simply put, cycling bibs are shorts with shoulder straps. What’s cool about bibs? They stay in position better than regular shorts.

Bib shorts by nature are designed in a way to guarantee the chamois stays in place.

Cycling bib shorts

Check out our website and grab yours

4.Your Cycling sunglasses are a must!

Believe it or not, your cycling glasses act as a barrier against wind, rain, sun, and bugs.

Bicyclebooth has a wide range of cycling sunglasses with the most approachable prices.
We’ve combined performance, style and protection for a better vision and a safer ride.

Here are few fun facts about our cycling glasses:

  • Ultra Lightweight to boost your performance
  • Poly-Carbonate Lens to ensure Shatterproof
  • UV protection for your precious eyes
  • 1 Polarized Lens to protect your eyes from Glare

Don’t underestimate the power of your cycling glasses, it could make or break your cycling experience.

cycling sunglasses

Every activity has a specific clothing, cycling is no exception.
At BicycleBooth, we have everything you need as a cyclist from cycling jerseys, bibs, shorts to sunglasses and the list goes on.
Visit our website and get your cycling must-have.

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