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What to wear for mountain biking?

Mountain Bike Gear - MTB Protective Clothing

Mountain biking apparel

A mountain bicycle looks very different from a road bike, so it only makes sense that the biker would, too. Once you’ve acquired your bike, you’re almost ready to hit the trails-Almost! What you still need is the right clothing and bicycle accessories. In fact, getting the right cycling apparel can make or break your riding experience.

There is a thin line between completely falling in love with mountain biking and being in constant pain and discomfort and that line is your cycling clothing. But fear not, we know all of this might sound intimidating especially if this is your first ride in the mountains.

We are here to help and give you all the information you need to know to make this a memorable enjoyable experience and hopefully not just a one-time thing.

Mountain bike clothes

Mountain Bike Helmets

A must. Depending on what kind of riding you do. You’ll need either a regular trail helmet or a full-face helmet- and many riders have both.
A standard mountain bike helmet is a bit different from a regular helmet. It is made in a way that protects the majority of the head from rocks, trees, and such that you may encounter when falling on a trail.
Bike helmets are also usually equipped with a visor to shade from the sun. The full-face models are most of the time used for protection in bike parks or steep downhill trails and they also come in removable full-face options so you can ride with or without the part that goes over your chin.

Cycling glasses : Why Cyclists Should Wear Sunglasses?

A decent set of sunglasses is an essential part of any mountain biker’s wardrobe, for several reasons.
Best mountain bike sunglasses
  • They provide full protection from sunlight giving you a clear view down the trail without you having to squint and tire your eyes.
  • They are also great against the flying trail debris. When looking for glasses, coverage is very important but so is the frame.
  • The glasses need to fit your face – if the lens or frame contacts you. Then it means they’ll fog up more easily and it can also be uncomfortable or make the glasses move around on your face.
Check out our professional sports sunglasses and enjoy the features that come with the package.


Do I need bike Knee pads?

We are sticking to safety and the second most important thing after the helmet is the knee-pads. Much like with helmets, riders often add on more pads.
Depending on the trail and your riding style the number of pads increases when the risk increases.

Mountain bike knee-pads are typically stretchy sleeves with built-in padding. If you are just starting out you may also want to consider elbow pads!

Mountain jerseys cycling

Mountain bike jersey is similar to those you find for road racing. The jersey offers a tight fit, and typically features a zip-through design for easy changing.
Mountain bike jerseys
If you’re riding trails or endure races, then the tighter versions of cycling jerseys are the best choice. They even have a back pocket for storing purposes. If you like riding downhill, then you should probably opt for the loose fit jersey.
No matter what kind of rider you are, make sure to check our jersey section, you will find what you are looking for.

Mtb cycling shorts

While road cyclists generally wear form-fit Lycra cycling kits. Most mountain bikers wear looser-fitting jerseys paired with baggy shorts.

Baggies are more durable, offer more protection, provide the option of storage. And have a casual style that transitions easily from the trail to post-ride activities such as grabbing dinner or a drink.

Keep in mind, however, that Lycra shorts are lighter, more breathable, and completely non-restrictive. So you might also want to invest in a pair if you are going on a long ride.

Another option is the Road-cycling-style bib shorts with a chamois pad.
You can wear them on their own or combine them with a pair of baggy mountain shorts.
Check out our online shop for a different range of shorts. You can even get your own customized pair!

Cycling socks: Why wear MTB specific socks?

Socks are not there just to keep you warm, they are a protection for the shins and calves from scratches and cut.

Depending on the weather, you might want to switch between waterproof socks or lightweight, breathable socks. The waterproof ones are very popular among mountain bikers who ride in wet conditions. Check out our socks section in our shop!
MTB clothing
Mountain biking is one of the best ways to connect with nature and escape the city. It is a great way to push your comfort zone and gain confidence. We hope you will enjoy your ride now that you know what to wear. Be safe!

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