Thermal Cycling Jerseys to Keep Warm this Winter

Best Winter Thermal Cycling Jersey 

Winter is almost here, and you are one of the outstandingly-courageous cyclists that, no matter the conditions outside, or the number of people who call you crazy, you still ride your bike in the white Canadian wonderland. In order to do so, you will need gear that has been designed for this weather, because we all appreciate how winter winds, ice, snow and slush can be a challenge. Here is a list of 5 great thermal cycling jerseys that not only have that nice soft fleece feel but will also keep you warm while you venture outside.

  1. Bike Forever Thermal Jersey

Bike Forever is one pattern that never goes out of trend. Wind and water-resistant, this Thermal Winter Bike Forever Jersey will keep warm and dry while commuting on your bike this winter. Not only will it allow you to keep stylish, but its intelligent design ensures that body heat is retained, resulting in a warmer and more pleasant experience.

Bike Forever Thermal JerseyBike Forever Thermal Jersey for man

  1. Thermal Team Canada Jersey

Show your love for Canada with the loud and proud, Thermal Team Canada Jersey. With its interior in soft polyester fleece, it will keep you warm while allowing your torso to breathe, making sure that you do not sweat. The loose cuff sleeve design does allow body heat to escape, making this ideal for those warmer winter rides. The long jersey comes with three large pockets on the back, for quick and easy storage.

Thermal Jersey



  1. Thermal Black Maple Leaf Jersey

Part of Canada’s 150th Anniversary Special Collection, the Thermal Black Maple Leaf Jersey will show your patriotic side when out cycling on the cold streets this winter. This jersey is made for those who enjoy comfort and simplicity while on the road. Featuring a high elasticity skid tape waist, and a hidden high-quality zipper, this jersey will be sure to keep you warm.

Thermal Black Maple Leaf Jersey

  1. Thermal Canada Olympic Jersey

Whether you are touring Canada or looking to show your patriotic love for the country, in this long jersey you will be sure to stay warm when it’s cold outside. Made from lightweight soft fleece, it is highly breathable, ensuring that you do not excessively sweat when putting in the hard kilometres.

Thermal Canada Olympic Jersey  Thermal jersey Canada olympic
  1. Thermal Multi-color Jersey

Stand out from the dreary shades of winter with this colourful and eye-catching jersey. No longer will motorists find it hard to see you in the winter storms, and people young and old will be excited to see you fly by. This Long Sleeve Jersey features ‘Quick Dry Technology’, perfect for optimal cycling performance in winter conditions.

  Thermal Multi-color JerseyThermal Multi-color Jersey

The 5 Thermal Fleece Jerseys are currently on sale, so act quickly in order to add one to your collection! You will now be all set, nothing can stop you from enjoying the joys of cycling. All you need to do is set the alarm, prepare mentally, and go out and enjoy the winter!


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