The cycling apparel every woman wants!

The heart and core of BicycleBooth’s vision is to empower women through iconic cycling clothing.

Our First and foremost aim is to represent every woman's personality and let her shine in her cycling apparel!

We design the widest range of cycling jerseys, bibs and accessories for Women on the market. We bet you want to check them out, carry on reading!

We know first-hand that women look for the softest high-performance cycling kits ever (Disclaimer: you came to the right place)

At BicycleBooth, we combine comfort with Style, and guess what? We design Cycling apparel for Every shape and Body. Cool, isn’t it?

Not to brag, but our cycling jerseys have proved to be the go-to for both Men & women. Whether for commuting, competing, or going for a long ride. Comfort is Guaranteed, take our word for it!

We’ve rounded up for you the best feminine collection( and as usual, we kept the best till the last)

(PS: You won’t find it anywhere else, Look no further!)


Women cycling jersey

How can Cycling Gears make you feel so unstoppable? The answer to that is simple!

The secret recipe to a powerful woman who can conquer the road is an empowering cycling kit. We’ve got what every woman is looking for!

Riding with our Independence collection on is such a liberating experience mixed with exhilaration. And the quality? We can keep on talking about it but there you go, check it out for yourself.

Super Mom

A Super-strong Cycling Mom needs to be celebrated today and every day!
What better way to celebrate motherhood than by hitting the road with a cycling kit that represents exactly who you are, a Super Mom!!

This Super Mom collection is certainly something that you should Add to your wishlist. By that, we meant your cart!

I mean what’s not to love about this Mom Collection?

Summer Floral Cycling Kit Collection

Cycling jersey for women

It’s summertime which means it’s your time to shine with a Summer Floral Collection.

Mind you, this is a collection not only every Female roadie should have but Men too love this collection

You heard that right! It’s a must-add to cart collection, we don’t say that lightly!

In summertime, this cycling jersey and every cycling apparel we have wicks sweat away.

All you need is an anti-sweat cycling kit to perform well, right? We’ve got you covered!

We took into account the extremely hot weather and we’ve not only designed short-sleeve jerseys but sleeveless cycling jerseys.

Queen of the Road

Women cycling apparel

We Believe every cycling woman is a roadie Queen, aren’t they?

If you believe you are the Queen of the Road, we bet you need your throne! And there you have it!

This collection goes out to all the Cycling Queens to feel on top of the world!
Apart from the stylish outstanding design, it has a wonderfully soft stretch fabric that brings all-day comfort.

Like a Girl Jersey

Women cycling jersey

Like a Girl” is one of the best cycling collections you’ll ever have!
This cycling collection comes with a flattering fit and a soft fabric that absorbs moisture to keep you comfortable.

You sure want to Ride Like a Boss Girl, don’t overthink it, get yours and hit the road like a Girl.

Our Cycling gears are designed to meet every cycling lady’s needs, Be it the sublimated designs or the comfort you’re looking for!

And did we mention our water-absorbent material that will keep you sweat-free? Well, if we did, it’s worth mentioning again! For a longer and smoother Ride!

Flamingo collection

Cycling jersey for women

Our Flamingo collection is one of our all-time favorite cycling kits, we can’t say enough how flamazing you would look with it.

If you’re searching for innovation and performance? There you are, perfect combo in one cycling clothing!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to look amazing while going for a long ride, a triathlon, road racing, or for everyday commuting.

With this eye-catcher jersey, you’ll be the center of attention.

Bike Forever

Bike Forever Jersey

Our bike forever is one of our best-selling collections  so far for both men & women.

It has a simplistic and minimalist design every cyclist is looking for!
It’s a design that is proper to BicycleBooth, you won’t find it anywhere else, it’s hard to find in any other brand.

This is a collection that will keep you riding forever with its long lasting high-performance fabrics and its never-fade ink.

Best Cycling Glasses

Best Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses do wonders to both females and males, it’s meant for you to ride safely with no sun rays, no road spray, and debris or wind!

It’s, without a doubt, an essential part of your cycling journey.

To get the most out of your ride, this is your must-have cycling item.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of sunglasses, it does miracles!

You can confidently wear your glasses all year round whether for summer and spring to protect yourself from the sun, or in winter that acts as a barrier for wind and snow.

Now that you know your cycling glasses are a must, get yours and you’re ready to ride safely with a better vision.

Now that you know what every cycling female deserves, get what you really need and don’t forget to head over to our website for more iconic and innovative collections.

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  • I love your designs. I own a sloth jersey and long sleeve zip flag jacket. I would buy more of your tops if you offered a racerback jersey.

    R Chapman

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