Keeping the momentum

It's grey and cold outside, raining, soon snowing, there is frost on car windscreens, the trails and roads never looked worse. You are searching for that ounce of motivation to hit the road but instead, find yourself on the sofa watching Netflix; Convincing yourself that tomorrow will be the day you'll get back at it.

Sounds familiar??

I am sure it does.

It feels like a few weeks ago we were riding for hours in short sleeves and sunglasses and now we are dreading going outside.

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When the temperature drops, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get in the saddle. Winter is seen by many as a cyclists' worst nightmare. I'll give it to you; it can be, but cutting out biking all together and turning into a couch potato is not an option.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying go freeze outside and ride your bike the same way with the same intensity you did during summertime.

Winter cycling requires extra commitment. So buckle down and keep the momentum going.

And when temperatures drop below freezing, taking your training indoors.

Indoor training

I can hear you from miles away!

"It's not the same thing. I won't enjoy the outdoors. It's not as entertaining."

I hear you, BUT indoor cycling will allow you to maintain and build fitness no matter the weather, time constraints, lockdown situation is!

And if you want to enjoy all that cycling, freedom, and adventure outdoors when the sun comes back, you have to stay in shape!

Nowadays, the multitude of apps and trainers available on the market will give you a better overview of your training program, allowing you to perform intervals and track them more accurately.

It does not just stop at performance. These apps give you the chance to teleport to any landscape you want virtually.

Say ciao to snow; the iconic climbs of the Grand tours are just one click away.

And for those of you who think that indoor cycling is isolating, think again. You can organize a team training session with your friends, e-races, structured workouts, and so much more.

Indoor cycling

Whether you want to be the first over the finish line or the first to get uphill during springtime, you have to give yourself a head start this winter and take up indoor cycling. Keep it moving!



  • I will be switching to alpine skiing and to xc skiing. Watch for the classique jackrabbit classic xc ski event in January. I would be interested in inexpensive effective cycling training rowing machines if you had them

    Chris Edgell
  • Thx for the very motivating info! Like your blogs, useful content. Good Luck!

    Peter Motmans

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