How to keep yourself cool without sweating in summer

You can ride and not sweat buckets, how you might wonder?

How can you enjoy your riding experience in the unbearable heat?

Read on…

Your cycling clothing can be a game changer, little did you know about that!
In this blog we’ll give you a guide on how to ride not only sweat-free during your cycling journey but with style!

PS: you will be impressed by the quality of our cycling jerseys and kits.

Cycling kit


Breathable anti-Sweat cycling clothing

You have no control over the weather, right? (at least as far as we know)

But we’ve got the cure to sweat!

Your solution is to wear breathable cycling clothing (head over to Bicyclebooth and check them out).

You might still sweat, but-less because we make sure to have an anti-sweat fabric suitable for unbearable hot days.

Having the perfect high-performance material to ride with can mitigate the heat.

Now more than ever before, Quick-dry technology fabric is your must-have.

Bicyclebooth designs cycling apparel keeping in mind functionality, durability and breathability.

Our cycling kits are made to give you extreme ventilation and fits perfectly to your body to guarantee moisture is being pulled away from your body.

Wearing moisture-wicking fabric while you ride is one of the most important steps toward more breathability.

That said, moisture wicking material helps you stay cool, dry and nice.

Allow the air to circulate in your body by wearing bike-specific clothing that transfers moisture away from your body.

You should definitely check our cycling apparel, you will regret every second you’ve never ridden a bike without it.

We’ve got around 7.000 to choose from and fill your wardrobe with.

Women's cycling kit

Go easy on yourself, no pressure!

You don’t need to be Eddie Merckx, Lance Armstrong or Peter Sagan to ride fast!

Resist the temptation to ride as if you were in a race in the Tour of France.
All you need is a professional cycling apparel to perform at your best at a leisurely pace.

Take it easy on yourself, we know that you want to achieve your cycling goals. If you want to avoid sweat at all costs, it is advisable to maintain a consistently low effort.

If you’re going at a high speed? Then it is unavoidable that you’ll be likely to sweat.

Be an early bird cyclist!

Sure thing, not everyone enjoys cycling in the morning but if it’s what it takes to not sweat! Why not?

In the morning, you will avoid the unendurable heat of summer.

Keep in mind that (as mentioned above) you can still bike in the afternoon, only if you pick up the right cycling gear for you.

Early birds or not, our cycling sleeveless jersey and short sleeve jersey gives you the sensation that you’re refreshed during your ride.

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t control the weather but you can choose the right time to.

Summer cycling jersey

Share with us your favorite cycling tips to stay cool during a ride in summertime in the comments and tell us what you think of our cycling kits, jerseys and bibs.

If you haven’t checked them out, what are you waiting for?
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