How to Dress for Winter Cycling

If you're planning to cycle during the cold winter months, it's important to take a few precautions to stay warm and comfortable.

Here are some tips:

Wearing several thin layers is better than one thick layer, as it will help keep you warm and allow you to adjust your temperature accordingly.

Start with a base layer of breathable fabric as your first line of defence. You can then add some insulating middle layers, such as a thermal fleece jacket/jersey or a vest, and finally top off with an outer layer that will protect you from the elements (such as rain, snow and wind) with a waterproof jacket or coat.


Tight clothing will help keep warmth close to your body. There are a few reasons why tight fitting clothes can be good for cold weather.

First, when your body produces heat, it tends to escape from anywhere that there is an opening—like between your layers of clothing. So if you're wearing looser fitting clothes, more heat will escape than if you were wearing tighter fitting clothing.

Secondly, tight fitting clothes help trap in the warmth produced by your body, which can keep you warmer overall.

Simply put, they don’t wick moisture away from the skin like synthetic fabrics do, which means they can quickly make you feel cold when wet.

These are areas of the body that lose heat easily, so be sure to cover them up with hats, gloves and boots/shoes made for winter weather conditions.

Following these tips should help ensure that you stay comfortable while Cycling during the cold winter months.

Happy Cycling

- Team Bicycle Booth

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