How to choose the right cycling gear

  • If you’re reading this blog, chances are you don’t need convincing to wear cycling-specific clothing but you need guidance.Right?

There are so many options when it comes to cycling clothing that it can be difficult to know what you need.

Luckily, you came to the right place, we have an infinity of cycling gears.

Carry on reading, curious cyclists, we’ll guide you through how to choose the right cycling apparel.

Where do I start? What should I buy first? What are my cycling essentials? 

These are a few questions cyclists might ask themselves before starting their biking journey. 

We’ve got you covered! We have the answer to all of these questions. 

In this blog, we’ll help you figure out what to wear.

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  • Consider your climate-warm, cold or somewhere in between

  • You can’t control the weather, right?

    But you can choose carefully what to wear with changeable weather.

    The right cycling clothes are not just something you wear to keep warm.

     It’s beyond that! 

    Choosing the right cycling apparel is about one that helps you stay cool, dry and comfortable.

    Picking up the right cycling jerseys and bibs is easier than you think!

    ( REMEMBER: You are in safe hands)

    We have the most advanced high-wicking, fast drying fabrics that let the air in and wick sweat away.

    Engineered for optimal protection and temperature regulation in every condition.

    Designed to take the heat away from your body and -for you- to ride with Style.


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    Choose a color that suits you best

    Does the color of your cycling garments matter? Of course it does.

    Some say that it’s the color of your gear that defines you.

    We couldn’t agree more with that!

    At Bicyclebooth, we have an infinite range of cycling clothing you can choose from.

    Look no further, you won’t find such vibrant colors anywhere else.

    We’ve got every color that can coordinate with your bike frame colors.

    We take into consideration that cycling gears need to match your passion for cycling.

    Our cycling kits have eye-catching colors that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

    With our audacious designs, you'll look fast even when you're not.

    PS: We have Designs  for every day and every cyclist who wants to Ride with Style no matter the weather. Trusted for its flawless fit, functionality, and unbeatable price


    When choosing a helmet, consider its ventilation

    For some people, helmets are not an essential, but it could be a deal breaker

    How to find the best helmet for you?

    We’ll get to that! 


    Here are some factors to consider when you choose a helmet: 

    Make sure to get the perfect fit and therefore the perfect protection(so that you’ll have the will to wear it)

    Choose a helmet that matches your Style preferences:

  • Recreational bike helmets: It’s a rather economical choice that will give you basic protection for casual everyday riding.
  • Road bike helmets: Engineered to be well ventilated, lightweight and aerodynamic.
  • Mountain Bike helmets: These are well ventilated helmets with extended  rear head coverage since Mountain bikers have more risk to fall backward than road bikers do.

  • Cycling bibs can make or break your cycling outfit

  • Cycling shorts are a wardrobe essential for cyclists. Cycling bibs and cycling clothing, like kits, can be tailored to your style and needs so that you look good on the bike AND off it.

    If you are looking for cycling shorts to pair with your outfit, our blog post can help. Read on to find out about the benefits of wearing a quality bib and why it is important that they fit well with your style. 

    There are many benefits to cycling clothing. When you wear a bib, it will support your waist and the elastic is flexible enough that it can accommodate different body shapes and sizes.

    Style is important, right? (who doesn’t want to wear something they feel great in?), then choose from our wide range of bibs and Ride with Style.


  •  Check out reviews! 

  • Not bragging!  But Bicyclebooth is a trusted choice of cyclists from all over the world.

    We’ve got more than 50.000 satisfied customers from all over the world so trust us for what we’ll be sharing with you.

    Here’s an example among plenty:

    “Nice work Bicycle booth-super fast delivery

    Ordered on May15th.... delivered to HK on May 20th!! Nice work BB. Hawaiian shirt is fabulous... I can't wait to start my summer riding! Sizes are generous. I'm 5'7", normally 42" chest and 33" pants. Previously bought L from China and everything is tight.... Ordered M from BB (tops and bottoms) and it all fits me perfectly: Matt”


    Don’t just take our word for it, but take theirs!

    That said, with these tips under your belt, there's no way on earth that you could go wrong with your cycling apparel.

    Want to combine functionality, performance and Style? Head over to our website and browse our wide range of cycling kits and collections. We’ve got everything every cycling enthusiast wants.


    • Are your shorts and bibs padded?

      Tommy Duvall
    • I came by your site quite by accident, and what a happy accident it was. My girlfriend and I have been looking for a way to be recognized as a couple when riding. We are both in our sixties and by no means are race-ready or even fast cyclist. We just want to look good while riding, and I think we have found a winner with your company. I do have just one question though, are your shorts and bibs padded? I may have missed it, but I cannot find any mention as to if they are padded or what type of pad you use.

      Tommy Duvall

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