Get your cycling clothing essentials

Still wondering what to wear for this spring season?
We bet what you’re looking for in your cycling apparel is comfort, style and durability to conquer the road.
Well, you came to the right place!

Fun fact, your cycling clothing and accessories can boost your energy, make you outperform and boost your mood!

We’ve rounded up for you the main features of our cycling essentials and a guide for our gears from head to toe.

We’ll not only give you an insight on the cycling kits you need but our must-have cycling glasses.

Cycling gear

1. Cycling Glasses

Just picture how overwhelming it can be to ride without your glasses on?

Who doesn’t want to protect himself from the sun rays, road debris and bugs and spray and the wind when moving? Your glasses are a necessity for both your protection and safety for all-year long.

Got your cycling glasses? Great! If not, what are you waiting for?
Here are our Glasses’ features that prove our point

  • The most comfortable UltraLight Weight Glasses that will make you barely remember that you have glasses on.
  • 1 Polarized Lens for a better vision, prevent the reflected light and Glare of the sun
  • Poly-Carbonate Lens to ensure Shatterproof, Long Lasting & scratch Resistance
  • Blocks up 400 nm Blue light to prevent the risk of Long Term Damage to your eyes
Cycling Glasses

And , of course, It comes with 5 Interchangeable Depths of Color lenses, 1 Dark polarized lens, Glasses frame, Glasses Cleaning Cloth and a Travel case.

As soon as you get them, you will regret the days you rode without glasses on!
And Guess what? We have unbeatable prices, don’t look any further!

2.Cycling Jersey

Your cycling jersey is your wardrobe necessity, isn’t it?

One might wonder why we need a cycling jersey and not a plain cotton t-shirt, right? You’re about to figure it out, keep on reading!

Here’s why your cycling jerseys are THE must-have cycling item:

  • It’s made of Lycra spandex which means No dragging, no slipping, and no bunching.
  • What differentiates cycling jerseys from plain t-shirts is the water-resistant, high-performance fabrics that will keep you sweat-free.

Wait there is more:

At BicycleBooth, we’ve got all the jerseys you’re looking for. Be it sleeveless jerseys, short sleeve jerseys (for the summer and spring season) or long sleeve and thermal jerseys (for colder weather)

Cycling jersey

Sleeveless jerseys

With the weather getting warmer, what we recommend is to go for Sleeveless jerseys.

Are you a cyclist who loves to ride in bright, beautiful bold colors?
How about a Flamingo jersey? You will not only ride with high-performance fabrics with a perfect cut but you’ll have a legendary look. With these audacious colors, you'll look fast even when you're not.

If you believe that Unicorns exist, this one is certainly for you!

Your Sleeveless jersey will help you stay cool and protected from the sun no matter how long or hard you ride.

Sleeveless jerseys

Add color to your ride when you slip into our Gradient collection, whether you ride your bike to work or to go for a weekend ride, this is a great jersey to wear.

Short Sleeve Jerseys

Want to get an item that NEVER goes out of style? Looking to combine performance with style? Here's our bike forever short sleeve cycling jersey.
Our bike forever collection is made for the everyday rider with minimalistic designs.

Short Sleeve Jerseys

A rider-inspired collection.

Want a taste of summer with fresh designs? What if we told you that our fruit collection will make your performance smoother? Pick it up and taste it for yourself.

We've designed our fruit Jersey keeping in mind that what is important to cyclists is that their jersey not only looks great but it also gives them the confidence to push their limits, no matter how long or hard they ride.

    3.Cycling shorts:

    Your cycling shorts can make or break your cycling journey. Luckily for you, at BicycleBooth, we’ve got the most comfortable cycling shorts and you’ll find out why.

    Cycling shorts come in two different forms: bib shorts and waist shorts
    If you’d like to know the difference between bibs and short, well here it is!
    Simply, the bibs are like shorts but with shoulder straps

    What makes our cycling shorts stand out from the rest:

    • The quality chamois that maximizes your comfort while riding
    • A quick-drying, high wicking material to keep you sweat-free
    • A perfect fit with the Lycra stretchy fabric. It stays in place despite arm or leg movements when exercising
    Cycling shorts

    Believe us when we say that all cyclists approve that cycling with shorts bibs on is more comfy. (Take our word for it!)


    We’ve got a wide range of cycling clothing you can choose from with the most affordable prices.

    If you think that choosing a cycling gear is an easy task, think again! We’ve got a Ton of innovative and unique cycling clothing.

    If you can’t decide between two items, why not have both?

    From glasses, jerseys to bib shorts, we have it all! Head over to our website to check out for yourself!

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