For a fashionable biking

To get a good look as a biker all you need is a good cycling custom.
"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike." It’s a great exercise form to get fresh air and good shape.
Doing your favorite sport is good, wearing the right outfit makes it better.
"Style is very personal and it brings subjective elements to help define our approach to cycling," says Remi Clermont.

Fashionable jersey for a professional look

A comfortable look for a great performance 

To avoid discomfort while biking, choosing the right outfit seems to be so important for bikers. Being at his/her best look increases the biker performance.

For a great performance, the custom jersey cycling should be practical. But, having the best fashionable cycling kits enhances the runner’s experience. Because, style is what turns a simple sport activity into something more meaningful, and into a lifestyle.

Fashionable jersey for a professional look

Designed by creative cyclists, for fashionable cyclists, we know that clothing for biking is so important to look like a professional rider. BB offers you the best bicycle apparel to look your best on your bike and to have a killer personal style. BB’s custom cycling jersey can play a huge role in reducing drag allowing the rider to cut through the air.

Jerseys Cycling

A high quality jersey for a Aero gain 

From material that stretches to provide the optimal fit and aerodynamics, to moisture-wicking sweat from the body to keep you cool and dry when it’s hot, to working as part of a layering system to protect against the coldest conditions.
Bicycle Booth custom jersey is designed to help you stay feeling warm and dry on cool weather rides.

  • BB offers you the chance to reach the Aero :The Aero is arguably the largest performance gain that can be achieved when dressing like a pro cyclist.
  • Wearing BB jersey clothing doesn’t only make others consider you as a professional biker, but makes you move freely with the comfortable Lycra. 
  • The lycra is a classic-looking and minimalistic cycling custom, or one in yellow fluorescent colours says something about who we are or who we admire in the world of cycling.
  • You can buy personalized bike jersey for you and for your family members to appear like a team cycling jerseys.
  • Prepare yourself to ride in style with cycling jerseys for men and women.
  • BB for the best cycling jerseys for autumn and winter rides!

Shop your fashionable custom bicycle jerseys online and be ready for the new experience.

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