Cycling Tips for Beginners

You want to start off your cycling journey? We’ll guide you throughout the way.
Spoiler alert: we left the best till the last, take our word for it!
The ninth tip is the best of them all!
Without further ado, let’s get started:

1.Pick up the right bike for you

Don’t neglect this step, It’s an important one to keep you from injuries, soreness, and pain!

Start off your cycling experience by choosing the right bike for you and by right bike, you should consider:

  • The quality frame
  • The correct size for you
  • The Wheels and tires

2. Maintain your bike:

Now that you chose your bike, we bet you want it to be in tip-top shape, right?
Here’s what you simply need to do:

  • Keep it clean constantly.
  • Always check out if your bike has the right pressure,
  • Get the perfect saddle position, keep on reading to know why you should!
 Maintain your bike

3.Make your saddle height and position fit your body:

Your saddles shouldn’t be too high nor too low! If your saddles are too high you risk having an injury. On the other hand, if your saddles are too low it would make it hard for you to pedal or even barely pedal. That’s why you need to adjust your position.

4.Don’t ride without a cycling helmet:

It goes without saying that your helmet is your must-have item, whether you’re a beginner or a professional cyclist. Don’t ride off without it!
Our first and foremost concern is your safety and security so beware!

5.Get cycling sunglasses

This is an item that is underestimated, yet, it does miracles!
If you think you don’t need a pair of glasses, think again! Luckily for you, we’ve got a range of glasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays,

  • The wind,
  • Road spray.
  • Snow\rain
cycling glasses

Now that you know that your cycling glasses are a must-have item for a safer ride and a clearer vision, what are you waiting for to get one!

6.Take a bottle of water and snacks!

You don’t want to be dehydrated or lose energy, you need something to fuel your ride and therefore optimize your performance, right?
So don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you and a snack, here is a list of snacks for before, during, and after riding.

7.Start small

If you’re planning to become a professional cyclist, don’t rush, you’ll get there. But for now, take it step by step! Small steps make bigger progress.
Your dogged determination will help you get there!

8.Ride with friends and family

Nothing compares to a ride with a group of friends, family or like-minded cyclists.
Even if you’re a loner, believe us the experience of riding with a group is so much more fun.

Ride with style

9.Choose the right cycling apparel!

As promised we’ve kept the best till the last, this is the part you’ll enjoy the most so keep on reading!

This is a big decision to make, yes you heard it right! Your cycling clothing reflects on your personality.

If you want to ride with style (and we are sure that you do), you came to the right place. We’ve got a wide range of cycling jersey with the features you need for a better riding experience:

a. Quick Dry technology to keep you sweat free for an optimal riding experience.
b. Never-fade ink for long lasting colors and a long lasting ride.
c. Sublimated innovative designs to suit every cyclist’s taste.

Let’s get started with what to wear we’ll give you a guide on our Best-selling cycling jerseys:

Let us introduce our high-quality cycling jerseys; Donuts, cookies and fruits collection. These cycling clothing are designed by creative cyclists for you to Ride with Style and look like a professional cyclist.

Cycling Jersey Design

We have the most innovative cycling designs, check out for more!

Cycling jerseys         

Head over to our website, there’s a huge range of cycling clothes in there, pick up yours and ride with style.

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