5 things every cyclist should know

If you’re reading this blog, you must be wondering about the rules of thumb you should, definitely, keep in mind.

This blog will give you 5 essential rules of cycling so that you become a more knowledgeable cyclist.

At Bicyclebooth, we want nothing more than to upgrade your cycling journey. We’ll guide you to enjoy your next cycling routes to the utmost.

Every cyclist should have some knowledge about cycling clothes and cycling gears before they get going. 

There are a few key questions that every person needs to know the answers to so they can be fully prepared for their next ride and avoid any potential mishaps.

Cycling gear

How to choose the right cycling jersey and cycling kit?

Choosing the right cycling jersey and kit is critical for cyclists.isn’t it?

Except that it’s never the case with Bicyclebooth!

Carry on reading, we’ll guide you through how to choose the right cycling apparel.

The material must be breathable, durable enough to withstand wear and tear over time, and it should fit properly on your body--from head-to-toe.

Here are four tips to help you choose the best ones:

1. Consider the purpose for your cycling jersey. 

Whether you are looking for a more casual, everyday wear or a performance piece? Choose what fits your needs best and stick to it!

Lucky you! At Bicyclebooth we take into consideration every cyclist’s needs.

2. Cycling jerseys are designed for different types of weather conditions. Be sure to choose one that is appropriate.

At Bicyclebooth, we’ve got cycling fabrics that are suitable for every weather.

3. Make sure the jersey fits in your usual size-from head-to-toe!

Cycling jerseys are designed to be close fitting so don't buy too big or small!

NB: Bicyclebooth got a flawless fitting, how? All you’ve got to do is to check our size chart and there you go! 

4. An important consideration when choosing a cycling kit is breathability.

If you look for a material that allows air to flow and dry easily, we’ve got you covered!

Look no further, you came to the right place! 

See all of the facts mentioned above? We’ve got them!

Now all that you have to do is to click the button and see for yourself! 

Cycling jersey


Do I have to wear those cycling bibs?


If you think that they’re uncomfortable, think again!

Don't you want your bike-riding experience to be as enjoyable and painless as possible?

If so, don’t let the shame of wearing padded shorts keep you off your bike. They will feel strange at first but ultimately very comfortable in comparison with a sore bottom!

Here are reasons why you should wear Bibs:

  • Bibs are perfect for cyclists as they don't need anything to hold them up. They're also more comfortable at the waist
  • The bibs hold your chamois exactly where it should be and to minimize the risk of saddle abrasions or sores
  • No slipping down, no matter how active the day gets.

So ditch those scratchy, uncomfortable bike shorts for a chamois and let it be your new favorite thing to wear!

Most of all ditch the mainstream, boring bibs, we’ve got what every cyclist is looking for!

Cycling bib




How to eat and drink during cycling trips?

Do you know how to eat and drink during cycling trips? 

What are some best practices for cyclists who want to stay healthy on long rides? 

You'll find the answers, keep on reading.

Many cyclists are wondering when it is best to eat when cycling. 

The answer depends on the type of food you consume, your body composition, and how long you’ve been riding. 

If you have a light meal before cycling and drink plenty of water during exercise, then there is no need to worry about eating while out on the bike! 

Head over to our blog What to eat before, during and after cycling

How many miles should I do?

When you're starting out, it's important to focus on each hour of the bike rather than worrying about distance.

Riding a bike for the first time can be intimidating, but just like any other sport or activity it's important to start small.

The first step in training is to focus on how much time you are spending on the bike, not distance.

Once  accustomed to biking for an extended period of time, you can go for long rides. 

When it comes around race day, make sure that you have done a few different rides with long distances. 

As a result, you'll not  be too surprised or overwhelmed by what will happen at the event. 

Should I wear a bike helmet?

Hell Yes!

Cycling Helmet is one of the most important things for cyclists

It can prevent head injuries in case of a crash or accident and also provides protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun which might lead to skin cancer.

It can prevent head injuries in case of a crash or accident and also provides protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun which might lead to skin cancer.

Cycling helmets are not required in most states, but if you live in one of those few (like California) that require a helmet, make sure to wear it

But it’s worth mentioning that bike helmets reduce your risk of head injury by 45%, brain injury by 33%, facial injury by 27% and fatal injury by 29%.

Have we proved our point? Think we did!

You got your answer.

Cycling helmet

Now that we’ve guided you through what you should, if you’re still looking for what you should wear, head over to our Our Website

One thing is promised!

You should know, we're here to pave the way for you to ALWAYS Ride with Style.

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