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Introducing the all New V50PProfessional Sports Glasses Made for all Cyclists who wearPrescriptionGlasses or Reading Glasses and for those who don't!

A pair of Sports Glasses made for Everyone!

Make the Smart choice Today by owning a pair of theMulti-FunctionalSportsGlasses or gifting them to a Loved One.

All of Bicycle Booth's Rx Glasses come with an Rx Adapter which is compatible with all Rx Glasses found in our Store.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • UltraLight Weight to optimize for your best Athletic Performance
  • Poly-carbonateLens Material, Shatter Proof, Long Lasting & Anti-Scratch
  • Blocks 100% UVA, UVB & UVC Rays to Protect your precious Eyes
  • Blocks up 400 nm Blue Light to prevent Long term Damage to Eyes.
  • 1 Polarized Lens, so you can see better & prevent Glare.
  • Adjustable Lens & Temples for the various Sports you play.
  • Rx Removable Adapter for those who wear Reading Glasses or Rx Glasses.

Package Contains:

  • 1x Glasses & Lens Case
  • 1x Glasses Bag
  • 1x Glasses Cloth
  • 1x Glasses Frame
  • 4x Interchangeable depths of Color lenses
  • 1x Dark Polarized Lens
  • 1x Rx Lens Frame Adapter*
  • 1x Sports Headband to change from Normal to Sport Mode
  • 1x Neck Lanyard

The Glasses come with5 changeable Lenses, making themaperfect pair for active Athletes,allowing you to be confident that you will perform your best regardless of the weather condition or the sport you play.

The Wide Aerodynamic Lens will make you perform like a true Professional Athlete; Fantastic for high speed activities, protecting your eyes from bugs,rocks and rain. They will also increase your visibility to ensure your safety and best performance.

Feel at peace knowing each one of the lenses has beenengineered fromThermoplastic Poly-carbonate material, the same materialused for Bullet Proof Glass & RiotShields. As a result, each lens is shatter proof, anti-scratch and extremely flexible to make sure they last you forever.

Each of the Poly-carbonate Lens also have inherent 100% UVA, UVB & UVC rays andHarmful Blue Light protection to ensure the safety of your Eyes fromlong-term damage; So you can Cycle for as long as your living and breathing!

*Only one of the Lenses are polarized to prevent glare during Sunny bright days.

Feel your absolute best knowing the engineers behind the glasses integrated TR90 Swiss Technology, an ultra light weight plastic material, so you'll barely notice them on whileCycling as if they were built just for you.

Be worry free, knowing the Glasses can fit multiple face and head sizes with the adjustable Nose Padding.

Along the entire frame of the glasses, we have integrated Air flow ventilation holes to prevent moisture and sweat. So you can be stress free from any oily skin, sweating or blemishes around the face & ears.

Keeping in mind your Athleticism, the Glasses have removable templeswith a click of a button. So you can simply switch from Normal Mode to Sport Mode depending on theintensity of your activity. To ensure your comfort during Sport Mode, we have also integrated a rubberized pad on the top interior of the frame to prevent any bruises or blemishes on your forehead.

If your Activity or Cycling Session isn't so intense, you can feel peace of mind with the neck lanyard to ensure you donäó»t drop them. Even if you do manage to drop them.. They are shatter-proof after all.

For all our dear friends who share the same passion for Cycling, we came up with a pair of Cycling Glasses that will allow those who wear prescription glasses or reading glasses to also enjoy the benefits of wearing Cycling Glasses.

With every pair of glasses, comes a Rx Lens Adapter to insert your personal Rx Lens at your local Prescription Store. Cyclists who wear personal glasses can now feel at peace, look great and enjoy the benefits of riding their Bicycle or any other sportwithout compromising their vision.

The Rx Lens Adapter caneasily be attached and removed forsafekeeping or for those who have no use for it.

Additional Accessories

As Cyclists, we're always on the Go. So with every pair of glasses comes a hard case to ensure peace of mind so you can store your cycling glasses, all 5 Lenses and additional accessories wherever life takes you.

A CarryingPouch for just your glasses if you need temporary safe keeping for your glasses when not in use.

A Glass Lens Cleaner to ensure your glasses remain clean and stain free at all times.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

DO NOT use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the lens and do not store the sunglasses in an environment of high temperature or humidity.

The lens of V50P Glasses is of high technology coating, so regular cleaning maintenance by water is suggested in order to guarantee good quality and extended lifetime.

*Bicycle Booth does not offer personalized Prescriptions Lenses to insert into theRx Lens Adapter. If you would like to create personal inserts, we recommend you go to your local Optician.


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