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ROSWHEEL Hydration Backpack

When all you need is Water, The Super Light RosWheel Hydration Backpack is all you need.

Designed and Engineered for comfort and hydration for up to 3 hours. The Backpack comes with a 2L Water Pack which simply slides and attaches on the rear of the backpack and can be easily accessible to refill and get you back on the road inno time. The water bag comes with a nozzle which simply attaches to the backpack arm strap for easy water access without interrupting your intense Cycling.

Besides hydration, the Backpack has storage space of up to 5L (including 2L water bag) to store additional kits and accessories such as iPod, Phones, Wallets, Cameras, Books, jacket etc. It also has an additional bottle storage to carry extra water (you can never carry too much!).

The Design of the Backpack is optimized for maximum comfort and made of high quality & durable material to optimize for an unforgettable outdoor experience. With both a chest and waist buckle, the bag is designed to stay secure and close to the body to allow you to reach your best performance.

Invest into an Unforgettable Outdoor Experience &Purchase yours Today!

Additional Benefits & Features:

  • Chest Buckle designed with whistle for emergency situations.
  • Pockets Integrated into Backpack arm straps for storing smaller objects.
  • Storage compartment designedwith earphone outlet to keep your electronics secure while listening to your favourite tunes.
  • Backpack material against the back designed with breathable material to reduce sweaty back.

Package Includes:

1x Backpack

1x Water Bag


Certification: CE
Material: Nylon
Brand Name: ROSWHEEL
Storage Space: 5L