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RosWheel Expandable Frame Bag

As passionate Cyclists, we cannot leave our home withoutour bicycle kits and gear. While Carrying this gear, it isn't always comfortable and can cause major instability during our ride, which can become a serious safety hazard.

The RosWheel Expandable Frame Bagwas designed and engineered with Versatility to ensure complete stability while providing ample amount of storage space to ensure your personal belongings stay safe and secure at all cost.

Feel Confident knowing the RosWheel Frame Bag is made of the highest quality material to ensure complete waterproofing and tear resistance to withstand any trail it comes face to face with and to last you a lifetime. The waterproof zippers will also ensure your ride stays stress free, keeping your belongings safe and protected at all times.

The Bag has been built with a 3L capacity with an expandable 1L compartmentto ensure you stay prepared and never run out of storage space ever again. Perfect for carrying: Emergency Tools,Tool Kits, Extra Water...

Speaking of Hydration, the bag can also store away water packs with a water reservoir compartment to store away the nozzle and maintain easy access, while keeping hydrated during our intense Cycling Rides.

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Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Reflective Exterior, to increase visibility & safety for those early morning or late night rides.
  • Exterior Mesh Bags for additional storage space and any smaller items you may want to carry for easy access.
  • Hassle Free, adjustable and removable straps so you can place them as you wish, making the bag universal for all Bicycle types.


Bag Capacity: 4L

Dimensions: 35cm x 7cm x 14cm with 24 cm Expansion