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Portable Bicycle Chain Cleaner

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The Drive Chain is one of the most IMPORTANTand mostNEGLECTED component of a Bicycle.Not taking proper care of your bicycle chain can significantly reduce the lifespan of your drive chain by 50%!

One way of making sure you don't encountera broken or stuck chain while riding is taking good day to day care with our Portable Bicycle Chain Cleaner!

Save yourself the headache and precious time! Our Chain Cleaner simply clamps on directly to the chain without the need of removing it from your bicycle! Once clipped on, all you need to do is fill the chamber with your choice of cleaner and pedal all the dirt away!

The cleaning tool is also universal for all Bicycle and Motorcycle Chains! So if you have more than one bicycle,like most cyclists do, you can clean and maintain them all.

You can even do your friends a favour and clean their bike as well!

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