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Long Distance Tri-Suit

Swim | Bike | Run 

The Triathalon experience reimagined 

This isn't just another piece of clothing, it's an experience like no other:

Optimized for Performance, Speed, and Maximum Comfort on Bike, Land & Water

ready to Take on Any Terrain!

Engineered with the latest in material technology, our Tri-Suit designs are guaranteed to take your Cycling game to new heights & new adventures.

Unlock Your True Potential

With enhanced capability, comfort and durability, our Tri-Suit ineup is designed to keep up with your performance while taking you to the next level.

Tri-Suit Features

Innovation & Technology

Made from our proprietary fabric that is super-lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, our AERO Kits will take your cycling game to the next level.

Tri-Suit Details & Material

Innovation & Technology

Made fromour proprietary fabric that is super-lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying,our Tri-Suits will take your Triathlon game to the next level.

Breathability andOptimal airflow


Body contoured


Seamless Elastic Sleeves

Low Cut Collar 

Power Band Leg Gripper 

Slim 4D Chamois for Comfort & Zero Chafing while Running

There are no compromises when it comes to performance or style – just pure speed like never before!

  • Low Cut Collar to maximize aerodynamics.

  • Seamless elastic sleeve finish to increase speed while swimming.

  • Elastic Spandex Sleeves to prevent movement.

  • 2 flat pockets designed to prevent catching water.

  • Power Band Leg Grippers to prevent movement.

  • One Piece Suit with Easy Access for Nature's Call.

  • High Flexibility and Stretch. 

  • Imported Italian ink for long lasting vibrant colours

Trusted by over 50000+ cyclists  all over the world

Are you ready to take your Triathlon game to the next level ?

Choose from our variety of designs that are trusted by 50000+ Buyers.

  • Trusted choice of about 50000 cyclists from all over the world

  • Widest range of cycling kits; over 400+ designs

  • Design: Innovative, striking and unique. 

  • Stylish garments & Flawless fit

  • Timeless design with long-lasting colors 

  • All sizes, all genders 

  • Design: Innovative, striking and unique. 

  • Lightweight apparel 


Plus 400 Epic 

Aero Designs


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