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Thousand Oaks & Mental Health



Our mission is to #BREAK THE STIGMA, provide assistance, whether emotional, tangible or monetary to any area of first responders who need help with mental illness or injury, or become ill or suffer trauma.

We are the change we want to see the in the world. If we don't take the first steps, nobody else will. It is truly the least we can do to give back for the services and help they provide us 24/7.

Heart Breaking Mass Shooting & How YOU Can Help!

As many of you may be aware, On November 8th a gruesome mass shooting took place in a crowded bar in Thousand Oaks California, where a Marine Veteran suffering from Mental Health (PTSD) claimed the lives of 11 innocent people who will no longer be returning to their families.

As families mourn and come to terms with their loss, we should take a moment to reflect, embrace and be grateful for our loved ones that we are blessed to still have around us. 

Here at Bicycle Booth, we are BIG on supporting First Responders. it is one of our missions to show support and provide financial aid to various first responder organizations. Helping those who Help Us.

Unfortunately, there is an extreme lack of resources and screening processes in place for First Responders suffering from Mental Health. With lack of resources also comes Mental Health Stigmas in the workforce that only contributes to the problem. 

Some interesting statistics conducted by University of Phoenix in 2017 have displayed the following results:

(For more information regarding mental health survey conducted by the University of Phoenix, you can click here)