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New Bib Material : Beta Testers

Bicycle Booth Bibs - Redesigned! 

Hello Fellow Cyclist, 

If you arrived at this page, you have been exclusively selected as a beta tester to test our New Bib/Shorts Material. 

You can find a discount code below. 

As an incentive, we will be heavily discounting the bib for you to test and in return we would like for you to leave a review of what you think and what else can be improved.

As Cycling Apparel manufacturers, our mission is to perfect our Cycling apparel to optimize it for the absolute best performance, one review at a time. (Yes, we actually read your reviews!) 

We can't optimize everything at once, so we will be tackling one area of improvement one step at a time.

Moving forward, all of our Bibs will now be Power Band Leg Grippers which will compress your leg and no longer have silicone grippers along the edge to prevent them from sliding up. 

Due to our budget for beta testing, we can only limit this to the first 50 Cyclists who place their order with the following code.

To get any Bib of your choice at a massive discount, use the discount code: